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Environmental Care: Policies & Initiatives

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When choosing a vendor partner for moving or for any other project, take time to consider their green initiatives as part of your evaluation process. Johnson Logistics, LLC wishes to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

To that end, we have the following initiatives:

  • Whenever possible, Johnson Logistics, LLC will offer customers used boxes as an alternative to new packaging.​
  • Johnson Logistics, LLC has partnered with “Best Priced Boxes,” a retail outlet at three of our Denver Metro locations that buys back used boxes and resells those boxes. This makes use of recyclable cardboard before it unnecessarily goes to a landfill, as well as reduces the use of new cardboard.
  • Johnson Logistics, LLC will offer reduced pricing for packing on local moves when the customer allows us to use used boxes.
  • Johnson Logistics, LLC has debris pickup service for customers needing boxes and/or packing materials removed from the moving site.
  • All Johnson Logistics, LLC new boxes are made with a percent of recycled materials.
  • Whenever possible, Johnson Logistics, LLC will eliminate the use of cardboard entirely by leveraging reusable plastic bins with wheels on the bottom. These containers are made with recycled plastics and can be used over and over again.
  • Every Johnson Logistics, LLC facility has a recycling program in place. The Centennial location has partnered with Waste Management to have all trash separated at the Waste Management site and for all recyclable materials to be processed there.
  • Johnson Logistics, LLC has a fleet of almost all Diesel and Bio Diesel trucks, thus reducing the amount of fuel and pollutants used per mile.
  • Oil is changed based on analysis of product, not by predetermined timing or mileage.
  • All used oil and petroleum products from the shop are recycled and/or reused.
  • Computer and satellite systems are used for dispatch, reducing miles and time on the road.
  • Johnson Logistics, LLC uses recapped tires whenever possible.
  • Johnson Logistics, LLC has partnered with several local agencies to recycle used furniture and goods.
  • Johnson Logistics, LLC has the industry’s leading work-from-home program, recognized in major publications and on the NBC Nightly News, which reduces needless commutes for many of our associates.
  • We were certified “Green” by FIDI, the largest cooperative of high-quality, asset-based movers in the world. This is a standard confirmed by an audit with Cap/Ernst Gemeni every three years. This is a European-based program and is much more rigid than any U.S. program.
  • All of our warehouses have abundant skylights, which reduce the need for electric lighting in the daylight hours.
  • All Johnson Logistics, LLC salespeople counsel their customers on ways they can reduce waste and use existing materials for moving rather than buying new.
  • Johnson Logistics, LLC will continue to monitor our industry for best practices in green moving techniques and will continue to seek the input of our customers on ways to help them make a more environmentally friendly move.



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