Emergency Supply Chain Management

Johnson Storage & Moving Company has begun assisting hospitals with emergency supply chain
management, including warehousing, transportation, and installation of critical medical equipment and
supplies. The 120 year-old company described its effort to re-purpose crews and trucks to provide the following

  • National warehousing of emergency supplies (gloves, masks, scrubs, PPE);
  • Delivery and installation of medical equipment and hospital beds
  • Wipe down and disinfecting services and
  • Supply chain management of emergency equipment.
Emergency Supply Chain Management

As an example of the new mission, Johnson’s recently partnered with Kindred Healthcare to re-position and install 50 ventilators from Rome, GA to hospitals in CO, NJ, WA, FL, and OH. One of Johnson’s drivers, William Stewart (pictured below), assisted with transportation and a Johnson Project Manager, Jeff Maddux, coordinated the project. “We were excited to assist moving these badly needed ventilators to locations that will likely need them in the coming weeks” said Johnson’s President, Don Hindman. “These $15,000 units are quite fragile and require special handling from dock to install. Fortunately, our awesome drivers like William Stewart are experienced in moving high value fragile items.”

Johnson’s is also assisting with emergency supply distribution in Colorado and elsewhere. Hindman sits on the Governor’s Emergency Council for Economic Stabilization and growth and has consulted with Governor Polis’s staff about the emergency relief supply chain for PPE and related items. “Now is the time to give back and help our extended family get through this with as little disruption as possible” said Hindman. Johnson’s recently secured financing through the Paycheck Protection Act and is using proceeds to hire and train additional employees and to protect the 500 jobs the Company provides.

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